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Here are the blog posts so far related to Canvas Live Content: I'm just getting started, but by the end of the summer, I hope to have a nice stack of stuff here! An overview of my Growth Mindset Playground Canvas course to demonstrate the uses of live content.

Why Live Content? There are lots of things you can do with Canvas, and the thing that interests me most is live content! This post provides an overview of the reasons why.

Content Across Classes: Live content allows you to edit content once and display it everywhere... including in multiple Canvas courses.

Live Content for Continuous Curation: Curation is essential for managing content. You need to let your students know the newest/best content that is relevant to your class, and live content in Canvas lets you do that.

OU's Public Canvas Courses. As of May 18, our University of Oklahoma Canvas space is up... with public courses for you to look through and learn from already. Three cheers for public courses!


Embed Twitter in Canvas: The Canvas Twitter widget is pretty lame, but you can hack a real Twitter widget to display images and video as part of your Twitter stream.


YouTube Tips List: I'll be keeping a list here of all the YouTube tips.

Advantages of YouTube Playlists: YouTube playlists are one of my favorite kinds of live content!


About Storify: Storify is a tool that lets you collect and share content from many platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

#OU_LMS16 - The Life of a Hashtag. I've been using Storify as a tool to save our #OU_LMS16 hashtag about the Canvas transition since the very first tweet!

Storify in Canvas. Learn about the three different styles of Storify stories you can embed in a Canvas page.


Inoreader Magazine View. The magazine view is a great way to display RSS content in Canvas.

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