Monday, May 11, 2015

Tech Tips: YouTube Tips List

While building up my Growth Mindset YouTube Playlist this summer, I also want to share tips and ideas about using YouTube playlists in general — for growth mindset or for any other topic relevant to your courses!

I've written up an overview of the Advantages of YouTube Playlists, including the fact that you can embed them as live content in a Canvas course. I'll be adding more YouTube tips over the summer, and I'm creating this post as a reminder to myself of tips I should try to add in this "Summer of Tips" ... here they are:
  • Advantages of a YouTube Playlist
  • Configuring Your YouTube Channel
  • Creating a YouTube Playlist
  • Curating a YouTube Playlist
  • Embedding a YouTube Playlist at Canvas
  • More Ways to Share YouTube Playlists
  • Linking to Playlist Videos and URL Hacks
  • Collaborative YouTube Playlists
  • Video as Blog Post Writing Prompts
As you can see, the focus here is not really on Canvas at all, but instead on YouTube as a space where you can create, curate, and share video content with your students and with other audiences too, while also helping your students learn how they can make better use of YouTube also. From my experience, students really like learning about how to create YouTube Playlists (some already know how to do that, some don't), and when they can embed videos and playlists in their blog posts and websites, great things can happen!

Please let me know if you have questions or ideas for topics I should cover as I collect my YouTube tips here this summer!

Screenshot of YouTube playlist in Canvas page:

And here's that YouTube playlist embedded in this post:

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