Friday, May 22, 2015

Storify: #OU_LMS16 - The Life of a Hashtag

Before the Canvas decision was even announced, Mark Morvant and others from CTE and IT were leading town halls on campus about the LMS options, and Mark designated #OU_LMS16 as the hashtag to use for that, and I've been creating Storify collections every week to track the use of the hashtag, and I've been using it myself.

As you'll see, I'm pretty much the only person using the hashtag, ha ha, but I hope that will change as the rollout advances. Even with just one user, though, the hashtag stream is useful! I follow everybody I can find at OU (OU people and OU programs), and I add the #OU_LMS16 hashtag to relevant tweets. I hope to start following some more Canvas people and also people institutions this summer in order to learn more.

Here are all the Storify collections I've made so far, and you can find future collections at my Digital Teaching blog.

#OU_LMS16: 09. May 22 2016
#OU_LMS16: 08. May 14 2016
#OU_LMS16: 07. May 7 2016
#OU_LMS16: 06. April 30 2016
#OU_LMS16: 05. April 23 2016
#OU_LMS16: 04. April 17 2016
#OU_LMS16: 03. April 10 2016
#OU_LMS16: 02. April 2 2016
#OU_LMS16: 01. March 26 2016

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