Saturday, May 9, 2015

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One of the (many) purposes for this new blog is to support the "live content" Canvas course I built as a public demonstration space for my school's transition to Canvas: The title of the course is Growth Mindset Playground, and I am using the topic of growth mindset as a way to illustrate the different ways that live content can be added to a Canvas course. You can read more about live content here: Why Live Content?

What I will be doing in this blog is documenting how I use the different tools featured there in the Canvas course — Twitter, YouTube, Diigo, etc. — to curate growth mindset materials for my own learning and also to share with my students. So, you can look forward to a series of posts here that will match up to the different "live content pages" which I have up and running at the Canvas course. It's completely open, so feel free to browse around there. I hope to have it in really excellent shape by the time August rolls around and faculty start really thinking about what this transition to Canvas can offer!

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