Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tech Tip: Storify in Canvas

It's easy to embed a Storify presentation in Canvas! When you are looking at a Storify presentation at the Storify website, you will see the option to "embed" in the upper right-hand corner; when you click on that option, you will see a dialogue window that lets you configure the embedding code. Click on Show Templates to see the three main options: story, grid, slideshow.

Copy and paste the code you see there into the HTML view of any Canvas page; that's all!

The Three Options

You can embed all three options in Canvas, although be careful with the grid option. Not all the content types appear in the grid view, but if you are using Storify mostly to to share videos, the grid view is a great way to see a lot of videos to choose from on one page.

To demonstrate how the live Storify presentations work in Canvas, I created a new Storify: Learning about Growth Mindset.

I've embedded that presentation using the three different templates in my Canvas course so you can see the pluses and minuses of each view. Take a look at the see what you think

Story view: This fills the width of the screen, and users scroll down to see the contents of the presentation.

Grid view: This is a good view for images and video, but it is not good for other types of content that you can include in Storify presentations.

Slideshow view: In this view, you see only one item at a time, paging through item by item.

I've embedded the slideshow view here so you can see what it looks like:

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