Friday, June 3, 2016

Questions to Guide You Through the Learning Challenge

I like this graphic from The Learning Pit. I've transcribed the text below, and it might be fun to adapt the text for working through writer's block or some other writing-related "pit" that could be more directly relevant to the classes I teach! Click on the image for the larger view... and you can learn more at The Learning Pit website!

Questions to Guide You Through the Learning Challenge

After easy learning, it's time for deep learning:

Concept. How many concepts are you thinking about right now? Which one is the most interesting, relevant or puzzling? Let's call your concept X. Why did you choose that one?

Question. What is X? How doe we know what X means? What's the difference between X and concept Y? When would X be good/bad-different-relevant/irrelevant? Is it possible to always/never use X? What if X meant Y?


Cognitive Conflict. What problems can you find with concept X? If you are saying that concept X means Y, then does Y always mean X? In what ways does your definition of X come unstuck?

Construct. When you compare all the ways you found to describe concept X, which one works best? If you were to rank all your ideas about concept X, which one(s) would you prioritize?

Consider. How could you apply X to another situation? What strategies did you use to go through the pit that could also work next time?

Eureka! How clear is your understanding of X now? What makes X more complex than you first thought? What advice could you give someone who hasn't reached the eureka point yet?

After this Review, you are ready to Adapt, Apply, and Transfer.

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