Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Diigo: Growth Mindset materials

If you follow the #growthmindset tag at Twitter, along with education sources like Edutopia and Mind/Shift, you know how much information about growth mindset there is out there. The way I keep up with things (or try to keep up with them anyway!) is by using Diigo to tag materials that go by.

The main tag I use is just growthmindset, so if you click on that, you will see all the things I've tagged:

There are hundreds of items, but I have some other tags that are helpful. For example, I add the tag videos to the video items:
growthmindset videos

When I put the video in a playlist, I add that as a tag:
growthmindset videos playlist

And you can use the Boolean NO to look for growthmindset videos that are not in the playlist yet:
growthmindset videos NOT playlist

You can add notes to a Diigo item, and when I do that, I add the tag annotated, so here are my growthmindset items that have an annotation from me:
/growthmindset annotated

I use the tag challenges for the growth mindset resources I share with my students for them to explore:
/growthmindset annotated challenges

As you can see, I've got a lot of growth mindset materials, so I need to start making some subthemes to use to (re)organize all this stuff.

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