Friday, June 10, 2016

Coaching a Growth Mindset

Some of the questions and comments on this chart are specifically about sports coaching, but it's easy to jiggle them for any kind of learning that benefits from a growth approach! See a transcription of the questions and comments below the infographic which comes from @SportsPsychDunc.

Coaching a Growth Mindset

5 question to develop a growth mindset
What did you learn from today's performance?
What steps did you take to make you successful today?
What are some different strategies you could have used?
How did you keep going when things got tough?
What can you learn from your opponent today?

5 feedback comments to develop a growth mindset
This will be a challenging concept to learn, but I believe you can master it.
You haven't got it yet, but you will if you keep working and thinking about it.
I really appreciated your effort today.
It's okay to take risks; that's how we learn.
Getting better takes time, and I see you improving.



  1. Hi. Is it ok if I print this out and give to teachers?

  2. Hi! I think that should be fine, but the person to contact is @SportPsychDunc, aka Duncan Simpson; he is the one who created the graphic! You can reach him here:
    Duncan Simpson, Ph.D

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